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 My Birdroom and Flights

                                   Birdroom & Flights

In 2009 I changed completely to all wire cages. I did so for three reasons. Firstly, "Hygiene", secondly "Light" and finally "Noise". and I have to concede that they work on all three fronts.  With regard to Hygiene the plastic trays are brill and the birds are not disturbed while nesting, as to the Light, it is greatly increased in the breeding area, and the Noise level just goes right up, and without doubt stimulates the birds. I thought about replacing the old wooden slides with wire, but this would necessitate double wiring the divide, to stop the inevitable bloody toe.  But this permanent space then becomes a dirt catcher, that is difficult to clean.  I saw this double wiring in two birdrooms in Dublin, and the problems it gave.  So out with the old and in with the new, an expensive move for me , but I can add these wire cages one or two at a time, to suit my pocket.                                                           

                                       Nest Box Change

In 2010 and 2011 I visited German Breeder Florian Bock, and it was here that I saw first hand a plastic nest pan which many breeders on the continent had been using for some time. It was simplicity its self when it came to hygiene. You only need a few extra over and above your nest box numbers and you could change the nest out completely without any fuss. empty out the old pan, wash it and it was ready to use in the next nest to be changes out. This for me was the way forward, and in October 2011 I changed over to this method completely. My good friend Jimmy Flynn made wooden nest boxes to suit, and I was not dissapointed with the outcome. I do have some of the continental Plastic nest boxes and I shall be using them as soon as I expand the bird room. I firmly now believe that I have the best possible breeding system when it comes to nest hygiene. We must always be prepared to move with new ideas, and those that have come from the top breeders in Europe have been tried and tested.

New Extension 2012.

In February I began a project, to double the size of my bird room. This was not to increase my breeding potential, but to build 4 new roomy flights where the birds could mature in a spacious area. I began outlining the size and I went for as much as possible given the money constraints. Thankfully I have a very large and private back garden.  5 Mtrs * 3.5 mtrs was the size. this would extend my bird room to  11mtrs * 3.5mtrs. The walls as with the breeding room were lined with Xtherm insulation and then tiled over. the roof was a profile roof to match the first bird room and this was double insulated. Rock wool between felt and profile and rock wool between plasterboard ceiling and the felt. The floor was raised some 75mm above the original foundations and tiled. As I write this I have just finished breaking through a door between both sides. I still have more work to finish it completely, but I am very proud of completing this project practically on my own. I have posted photos of the developing project

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