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Line Breeding or In-breeding ?

This is a question asked so many times in the fancy press.  So where does line breeding become in-breeding.  I firmly believe that without a basic interest in genetics and an understanding of the importance of ancestory, one cannot be successful in either disciplines. Take the three birds in the pics below, all are from different lines, yet all contain qualities that if you could take a bit from here and a bit from there, like a jig saw, you could creat the perfect.  But thankfully its not as siimple as that or we would all have the same looking birds.  What do I like about each, well ! the Grey Green has good width between the eyes and good shoulder, the Cobalt nearly has it all, but could do with greater depth of mask and bigger spots, and the Pied has the skull shape that I Love.







 I would particulary like to thank  Jos Reynders, without who's help I would surely have fallen backwards. Jos is a  friend of some of the best breeders in Europe, and his stud just oozes of class.  Jos's bird's bloodlines are heavily influenced by Daniel Lutolf, and a visit to Jos is an education in itself. Every bird that Jos would put in front of you, will have a brother or sister of equal quality, the sure sign of a top class stud. As Jos has been very good to me,  I now have a line of birds that have Mannes and Lutolf grandparents..  I keep hitting myself, just to assure myself that its not a dream.

Thankfully they have made sure that I have some of these birds siblings, and as the old saying goes. " Black Cat Black Kitten". Blood is Blood and the cream will always rise to the top, of this I am certain.  So with blood from, Adams, Lutolf, Reynders, and Mannes just waiting to break out, my expectations are high, and my excitement is unrestrained. In 2010 and again in 2011, I visited the stud of Florian Bock in Augsburg, Germany, and was fortunate enough to purchase some of Florian's birds. These birds I am finding, blend very well with the other continental style Birds which are from Willie Dokter and as I said earlier the birds from Jos Reynders are Lutolf and Mannes based.

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