The Clonmoran Stud IL34


Stock Management-Daily Routine

My Stock management is based on a simple premise, "Do not try and look after more birds than you are able to".  To me this is where many people fall down and as things start to go wrong they blame everything else but themselves.

 I paid great attention to a top breeder last year, who was giving a talk on Stock Management.  He put the management of our birds in simple terms.  He Said " We are breeding battery Budgies", and therefore "our management routine must be based likewise"....This got me thinking, and its not as if I had not looked after my birds up to this point, but now I realised that as birds very much enjoy a routine,I now needed to management them with in a  military like fashion.  So what did I change ? Well ! not a lot, just the way I did things. I now started to use a what you might say, but my entries in this diary were always up to a month in advance.  So now I would sit down and plan the next month's entries , such as, Soft food feeding, Green Food feeding,  cleaning, vitamin additives, worming,  and pairings, etc... This might sound obvious, but now I worked to a plan, a plan I might add that the birds became accustomed to, so much so that they would know when the goodies were arriving.

 So now every morning and evening I check the Nest Boxes, mark the nest cards, transfer the information to a breeding register, both on paper and into my computer program.

  The computer program I use is "Bird Evolution Pro", I also have the "Budgerigar Program" on trial , and I will give my opinion on their advantages and disadvantages at a later date. At this stage I see that Bird Evolution Pro is more of a breeding program and the Budgerigar Pro is geared towards ancestery.  Looks like I'll have to use the two..Watch this space !!!!

Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning is carried out in a two fold manner. There is the daily routine and the weekly one.

Every day the birdroom is swept and then vacumed, and the surfaces are wiped down with a wet Hygiene Wipe.  I also use a dust Filtration System, that's runs for four hours at a time.

Every week the whole birdroom is moped and washed down and the nest boxes with chicks in them have their sawdust changed.  I used to use wood chips from a local mill, but the owner told me that  he was getting a lot of timber containing fungal growth, so now I only purchase sterilized chips from the local pet shop.  Probally a little expensive, but you can't take chances, that might lead to a fungal infection





I offer my birds four different types of seed mixtures. I offer a basic Canary/Millet 60/40 mix, Groats, Mixed Millets. I also offer seperately Versa Laga Conditioning seed.

Vitamins & Supliments

 Soft food Mix:  I give the birds carotts daily, with Brocholli and a commercial egg food mix. When in season, I add home grown Beetroot and Lettuce.  I am lucky to have a large garden and I have an all year round supply of Chickweed which I let grow wild in my Poly Tunnel.

 As part of my soft food program when the birds are breeding , I feed in addition to carrots and Broccoli, sprouted Mung beans which the birds devour. I also soak Groats and as a precaution I soak the Millet Sprays in Vanodine V18 to prtect from fungal spores. I add to the soft food Omega 3 fish oils, this is added to Cous Cous.In the water I add at different days D3 & Calcium at a rate of 1ml to two litres. I also add Vitamin E and I crush and disolve a Biotin tablet and add it to the water. I offer three times a week Celery, which they love.

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