The Clonmoran Stud IL34


                                                                  Show Results

  Gerard Lanigan Best Breeder
 2011 & 2012 Club Show
Best Breeder Opp/Sex 2013 Club Show

I always have  matched and related pairs of Budgerigars for sale . Single cocks for sale !!  All birds are from top bloodlines and pedigree charts can be provided for  each Bird. .. You can contact me on 086 2590008 or [email protected]

My Birds are based on a combination of

Böck, Dokter, Lutolf & Mannes Bloodlines


  Best Any Age , Best Yearling, Best Barhead

     Best Breeder 2011 Éire B.S. Club Show

Best Any Age, Best Yearling, Best Yearling Opp/Sex, Best Current Year

Best Breeder  2012

Éire B.S Club Show

 Open Show 2011

    Best Pied,  Best Normal Grey,  Best Spangle,  Best Normal Green

Best Barhead in Show


Best Breeder Opposite Sex in Show

Éire B.S Open Show 2012

Best Breeder, Best Breeder Opp/Sex

"Best in Show"

Best A/A Pied, Normal A/A Grey

Best Opp/Sex A/A Green,Blue,Grey,Grey Green & Cinnamon

Best Breeder Green, & A.O.C

Best Breeder Opp/Sex, Green

Best Novice

Swords & District CBS 8th & 9th Oct 2011

Best Novice A/A, Best Novice Breeder & Best Novice Breeder Opp/Sex

Ten Birds Benched: 8 first Placed & 2 Second Placed

Swords & District CBS 13th & 14th of Oct 2012

Best in Show

Best Any Age in Show, Best Any Age Opp/Sex in Show

Best Breeder in Show

Best Novice Any Age, Best Novice Any Age Opp/Sex, Best Novice Breeder


2013 Show Season Results

Éire B.S Bar Head Show 2013

Best Intermediate Barhead


Best Bar Head in Show


Éire B.S Club Show 2013

Best Breeder Opp/Sex in Show

Best A/A in Show

Best Opaline Current Year *** Best Pied Current Year *** Best Pied Current Year Opp/Sex

Best Current Year A.O.C Opp/Sex

Best Normal A/A, Best Normal A/A Opp/Sex

Best A/A Pied

Best Intermediate in Show

Best Intermediate A/A & Opp/Sex

Best Intermediate Breeder & Opp/Sex

Best Intermediate Bar Head

Éire B.S Best Exhibitor in Show with 197 points


Éire B.S. Open Show

Sunday 15th of September

Best Breeder In Show

Best A/A Opp/Sex in Show

3 A/A Certificates

Best Green, Best Normal Cinnamon, & Best Pied

5 CY Certificates

Best Green, Best Blue,Best Grey Green, Best Pied, & Best A.O.V.

5 Opp/Sex Certificates

Green,Blue Grey Green,Opaline & Pied

Best Intermediate , Best Intermediate A/A & Best Intermediate Breeder

all with owner bred rings IL34

Éire B.S. Best Exhibitor with 326 Points

                                 Swords & District Show 12th & 13th of October

Show Results:
Best in Show
Best Any Age in Show
Best Any Age Opp/Sex in Show
Best Breeder in Show
Best Breeder Opp/Sex in Show
Best Owner Bred in Show
Best Intermediate Any Age
Best Intermediate Any Age Opp/Sex
Best Intermediate Breeder
Best Intermediate Breeder Opp/Sex

17 Birds entered 14 Firsts, 2 seconds but second place to my own birds, and one third place.